Sunday, January 1, 2012

You Need Patience to Find Your Passion

Some people are very fortunate that they found their passion early in life. Other’s of us hit a few distractions along the way, and didn’t realize we’re missing something until much later. Remember one thing…it is never too late to begin the search for your passion.
As we begin the New Year, many people make resolutions. You know, things like “I’m going to get in shape this year”, or “I’m going to stop smoking”. Finding your passion should not be a New Year’s resolution, because we all know that most resolutions don’t make it past February. Instead, finding your passion is a commitment to yourself.
Each one of the steps I wrote about in my previous posts take time to complete. They don’t happen overnight, and most of the time you do not have some sort of epiphany or eureka moment. It can happen that way, but for most people it is a gradual understanding of yourself, and an in depth reflection of your life up until now. This requires patience.
Your future and your present are too important to rush into, only to become discouraged. And yes, you will have times when you get discouraged, but don’t give in to it. Commit to take an action or step every day to find your passion. As long as you are moving forward, you are not sitting still.
The Internet has created a great opportunity to develop a community of people with similar goals. Each one of us has something to offer. You may be able to help someone else reading this with their search. You never know. Feel free to share in comments.
What is your commitment to yourself?
What steps are you taking towards finding your passion?

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